Frequently Asked Questions

An ICO is a form of attracting investments on mutually beneficial terms in a form of sale to investors of a fixed amount of digital cryptographic currency (tokens).

Blockchain is a distributed database for reliable storage of different information on thousands of computers located all over the world. This system is very innovative because it is impossible to destroy, hack or forge it, and the information recorded in it will stay in its initial form forever.

ЕСОS is a project on the development of decentralized software for inspection and quality control in the food industry covering the whole sphere of food products and drinks, including alcoholic ones. The system is aimed at the control of illegal trafficking and appearance in the market of counterfeit goods and fake and life-threatening products on the base of public blockchain with a distributed database resistant to theft, substitution, alteration and breach of information contained therein.

The main task of the project ECOS is combating the global problem of the sale of poor-quality, dangerous, counterfeit and illegal products, their sale and distribution in the world industry of food products and drinks, especially alcoholic ones, since they are very liable to adulteration today.

Every hour, billions of consumers all over the world will be able to quickly and easily trace and check all the categories of a selected product of interest to them, whether raw food products, semi-finished products, ready-to-eat food, soft or alcoholic drinks, themselves with no middlemen. The software will be available as an app in all languages on smartphones and tablet PCs. Here is a simple example of its use: a holder of ECOS tokens (shopper) selects a particular product in a shop with a special QR-code (based on blockchain), applies its smartphone to the product and reads the QR-code of the product. After that the program will provide a public blockchain storage with the product description: (safety, naturalness, healthfulness and quality) after which the consumer can analyze whether this food product or drink complies with the safety standards + its expectations.

Due to the popularization of the software ECOS + due to quick shake-out of fake products from the market and beginning of the mass use of the technology, the formation of a trustworthy and quickly-growing business community on the part of manufacturers and buyers will start, in which there will be no place for fakes. All the products being sold will have a permanent 100% quality. The development of such strong, transparent, honest and trustworthy business community will decrease and stabilize prices for the proposed qualitative goods. Billions of consumers all over the world will stop overpaying big money for poor-quality and counterfeit products. Illegal manufacturers and sellers of fake products will become unable to enrich themselves at our expense.

1+ Take advantage of the trade in ECOS tokens at a higher price when entering the stock exchange or in the nearest future in the course of increase in the market cost and popularization of the software ECOS (a good classical example is Ethereum, whose tokens during the ICO in summer 2014 cost less than one cent and by the beginning of September 2017 their price increased to almost $400).

2+ Use ECOS tokens for the intended purpose by getting access to the software and the declared services for free. Since we will patent a unique technology, then due to the popularization of the software ECOS there will emerge a deficit in tokens and they will cost more.

3+ ЕСОS tokens can also be used to pay for internal networks services of the project. Tokens will grant you an access to the extended functionality of the system and extra opportunities for the building and adjustment of apps in the distributed network for file storage.

The ICO will be launched on 15.02.2018 at 12:00 UTC.

You just need to subscribe on our official website ECOS (enter your e-mail and make sure that the confirmation of the subscription is not delivered to a folder with spam or promo offers), if it happens, just move the message into the folder with incoming messages and tick that it is not spam.

Yes, it is. All in all, 770 mln ECOS tokens are issued (including consumer bonuses, etc.)

Yes, it is. The amount of tokens for the preliminary sale is 77 mln ECOS tokens.

No, no additional tokens will be issued; the total amount of tokens issued will be unchanged.

1 ЕСОS token will cost 10 USD cents ($0.10) during the whole campaign.

In an unlikely case that some generated tokens are unsold, they will be liquidated.

It is done intentionally, so that everyone could buy enough ECOS tokens during the whole campaign.

You can buy ECOS tokens only using your personal cryptocurrency wallet to which you have full access; you may not buy tokens using a wallet at the stock exchange because in this case it is not you but the stock exchange who will get these tokens.

To the ECOS wallet address specified on the official website, you enter on your personal wallet an amount which you are going to spend to buy ECOS tokens at the rate applicable at this time. Make sure that you have enough money on your personal wallet + you have enough money to pay a fee for the transaction. After that you confirm the transaction by entering the code of your wallet. The system is organized so that as soon as the selected amount is received on the ECOS account, the system automatically transfers to you the particular specified amount of ECOS tokens for this sum. It usually takes less than one hour, but in case a lot of people are trying to buy tokens at the same time, the network can become overloaded and the process can take up to 2 days. If you use a bank card in fiat currencies of EUR or USD, everything has to be done manually, which takes a bit more time.

ЕСОS tokens can be bought using particular currencies only. If you have not found in this list the required currency that you would like to use to buy ECOS tokens, you can exchange it in one of the listed exchange offices poloniex.com, cex.io, localbitcoins.com, bestchange.ru or in any other exchange office. After the exchange is performed, you can use the specified currencies to buy the desired amount of ECOS tokens.

Yes, sure. There is the following bonus system for early investors:

15.02–18.02.2018: all persons to buy tokens will get 25% as a bonus.

19.02–22.02.2018: all persons to buy tokens will get 20% as a bonus.

23.02–28.02.2018: all persons to buy tokens will get 15% as a bonus.

1.03–7.03.2018: all persons to buy tokens will get 10% as a bonus.

8.03–11.03.2018: all persons to buy tokens will get 5% as a bonus.

12.03–15.03.2018: all persons to buy tokens will get 0% as a bonus.

The head office of our company is located in Keskväljak 7, city of Jõhvi, Estonia.

A few facts about Estonia: Estonia is the first country in the world where digital residence appeared. Estonia possesses very developed electronic technologies and is the most modern digital state in the world. Moreover, in the second half of 2017, it acts as the Chairman of the Council of the European Union. All this is indicative of many things. Estonia is the home of numerous successful start-ups, such as: Toggl, Pipedrive, Skype, Polybius and others.

Yes, the project ECOS is available for different types of financing, partnership and cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. We successfully cooperate with various investors, organizations, businessmen and partners from many countries. If you have an offer, please write to our partnership support team to the address: [email protected]

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